If we had to describe PD4C in a 30-second elevator ride, this is what we’d say:

The Perfect Diet for Competitiveness guides your organization through the process of becoming and staying optimally competitive. We diagnose your current competitiveness and then not only prescribe improvement strategies but also ensure your employees have the skills and knowledge to maintain those improvements. We teach you how to detect, assess and rebuild your competitiveness capacity quickly and cost-effectively.


We bring together your employees’ knowledge and your data with our formulas over what’s usually a 30 day period to produce your company’s competitive health report card. It’s roughly 30 pages long and answers these kinds of questions: Are we getting the most from our capital resource investments? Is R&D actually enhancing our performance? How fit is our organizational culture? Where do we stand compared to our competitors? Everything in the report is designed to help you increase your competitiveness.

More on PD4C:

01 What is it exactly?

Two decades of research underpinning a market-tested statistical model and suite of management techniques to help organizations become and stay competitive.

02 How is it different from other products to help improve competitiveness?

A competitive organization is like a healthy human being. Our mathematical models and management techniques begin with this parallel: the organization as a human body. Both involve complex interactions among systems. Both are affected by internal and external factors. And both respond to improvements. Our model translates competitiveness drivers: productivity, infrastructure, and technology data from your organization into the nutritional equivalents of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Then we combine these data with change management strategies. The result is long term, sustainable approaches to improving and maintaining your organization’s competitive performance.

03 Who is PD4C suitable for?

Any organization that has clear business objectives and strategy to achieve its goals.

04 What services do you offer?

In-house consulting or a stand-alone performance analysis. Both result in a final report with a risk and opportunity analysis, and recommended paths of improvement.

When we work in-house, employees play key roles collecting and organizing the data we need. It’s a team-based approach designed to educate and empower by putting the tools and approaches in the hands of the people who will use them once our work is done. With the stand-alone performance analysis, we collect and analyze the data, only minimally engaging employees in the process.

05 Why do I need PD4C?

When it comes to performance, every organization, like every human being, has room for improvement. No organization can be “a little” competitive: either it is or it isn’t.

06 What’s included?

A full competitiveness appraisal conveniently presented in a report based on the following criteria:

  • If the organization is getting the most from its human and capital resources
  • If it is performing well or heading for failure
  • If it is getting the most from its investments in infrastructure
  • If new R&D has enhanced the organization’s performance
  • If the organizational culture of the company is becoming problematic
  • If the organization is chasing sales, not profits, at all costs
  • If the organization is getting the most from its knowledge network

07 How can I use the analysis?

  • Reposition your organization for growth and plan for the future
  • See how competitive your organization is
  • Analyze your own position in the market and identify key areas of room for improvement
  • See who the real market leaders in your sector are
  • See which organizations have lost their competitiveness edge value in the latest period
  • Seek out the most attractive internal investments
  • Find where your company is heading for trouble
  • Recognize the most profitable areas of your organization

08 How long does it take?

On average, between 30 and 90 days depending largely on information available, time constraints of company employees, and organizational complexity.

09 Do you work with clients outside of Spain?

Yes, we do. We work with clients across a variety of industries through our headquarters in Madrid, New York and Bogota, and through our associate offices throughout Africa, Asia, and North and South America.

10 Where can I read more about the concepts and methods behind PD4C?

In our book The Perfect Diet for Competitiveness: A guide for management.

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