The Perfect Diet for Competitiveness: A guide for management helps you quickly understand the fundamental components of the Perfect Diet for Competitiveness, or PD4C, a new Borametz Group product. It unpacks and repacks competitiveness, a concept Villamizar-Alvargonzalez has researched for two decades. The concept applies preferentially to companies and cities and relies on the nexus between corporate structures and the physiognomy of the human body and health.

The authors translate a rigorously researched, working definition of competitiveness into a metaphorical context of the human body. Productivity becomes carbohydrates, infrastructure becomes the fat, and technology the protein. Organizations are called Collective Efforts. Organizational health is like human health: Good nutrition and exercise lead to optimum performance.

The authors apply the PD4C method to companies primarily but address cities and countries as well. Using Competitiveness Strategic Value rankings and a Company Body Mass Index, they assign body types to organizations to demonstrate their competitive health. For example, General Electric and the United States are Athletes, Wal-Mart and Los Angeles are Thin Outside, Fat Inside (TOFI) and Levi’s and Madrid are Fatorexics.

The book is as thought-provoking as it is practical, trespassing territories beyond current wisdom on business success and failure. It includes management techniques, the PD4C model and algorithm and case studies. Readers include board members, managers, entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in the performance of their organization.